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Autumn term 08 Week 5. Projects

Portrait project against a flat dark background, with a even light on the face.

In practical terms this means using a couple of lamps to light the face - trying to make sure that you don't also light the background.
Moving the model as far in front of the background as possible will help.
Otherwise, do the shot in the garden against the night sky with flash.
Like the model in this shot.

Photoshop Composite Exercise

Metering. Spot (where possible)
Meter from the midtones on the face by placing the centre spot over the area, half-depress the shutter, and still holding the shutter, recompose your shot and take.
ASA Din - 400 (recommended)
White Balance:
Indoors with room lighting - tungsten/incandescent balance.
Outdoors with flash - automatic.
Spot Metering

Flickr examples

Face 1

Face 2

Other sorts of silhouette...


'The Last Rose Of Summer'

Either literally or metaphorically. Any symbol of survival against the odds. The last estate agent in the High Street. The last wasp on the windowsill.

Last Rose 1

Last Rose 2

Last Rose 3
Last rose Noelle08

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