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A Sub Antarctic Expedition

A Sub Antarctic Expedition

Holiday Cruise around the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia arranged through 'Ornitholidays' with 'Heritage Expeditions New Zealand Ltd' from November 22nd to December 13th 2005.

Some of the islands do not allow landings but we were able to get close on zodiac/naiad boats.
Islands visited:- Snares (zodiac), Auckland (landing on Enderby Island), Macquarie (landings), Campbell (landing), Antipodes (zodiac), Bounty (zodiac) and Chatham (landing).

We were very fortunate with the weather - the worst we had was misty rain in Buckles Bay, Macquarie Island.

Some of the zodiac trips were done in rough conditions but the wildlife, photo opportunities and the total experience made them worthwhile!

Photographs taken using the stills facility on a Panasonic NV-G35 30x zoom Digital Video Camera. The 30x zoom proved invaluable.