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Photography Lectures

Video by UC Berkely
'Visual Democracy: Dorothea Lange' by Linda Gordon
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"Dorothea Lange was the country's most influential documentary photographer in the period 1930-1950. She worked for several state and federal government agencies documenting the social issues of this period: the Great Depression, FDR and his New Deals war against the depression crisis, Californias World War II defense industries, the Japanese internment, and the 1945 inaugural meeting of the United Nations in San Francisco. In Professor Linda Gordons lecture on Langes vision of American democracy, she suggests how visual images helped shape our political ethics.
Series: UC Berkeley Graduate Council Lectures [8/2004] [Humanities] [Show ID: 8594] "

Photography & Documentary Studies

This course will allow students to study the methods by which documentary work is conducted and to complete a documentary project of their own. The course will connect the qualitative methods of the social sciences and the humanistic concerns of the arts by allowing students to study documentary subjects as captured by non-fiction, photography, film, tape recorder, and the World Wide Web. Special emphasis will be placed on narrative and metaphor.

Brockley Cemetery - Andrew. (slideshow)